Upgrades on wheels service agreement


The computer maintenance contract covers basic and routine maintenance and support along with specific services; a complete list of services is available online or in print upon request. Maintenance tasks will be performed remotely or onsite utilizing tools and software provided by Upgrades on Wheels . A Technician may install special software for certain tasks and it will remain on the computer to assist the customer in self-maintenance tasks and future maintenance appointments.


Benefits: Priority service for non-maintenance appointments; lowest contract rate available on service  calls and maintenance or training not covered by this contract or outside the normal scheduling of this contract; personalized computer health report compiled by technician at start of this contract. Maintenance task checklist can be provided by technician at time of maintenance service on first visit of contract.


Not covered: Parts; upgrades and hardware repair; problems related to power surge; problems related to liquid spills or exposure; problems related to improperly installed, untested & unapproved applications, 3rd party proprietary software; data corruption caused by software installation, virus, or spyware Unless Antivirus is supplied by Upgrades on Wheels; support for software including consulting questions and instruction; technical questions or requests outside of the maintenance tasks; networking errors or troubleshooting networks; removal of current viruses or spy-ware that are debilitating or prevent normal maintenance tasks Unless Antivirus is supplied by Upgrades on Wheels.

 STANDARD MAINTENANCE    AGREEMENT: $179.88 + tax (per 12 month term) (2 visits for one computer)

 14.99 per month

 PLUS+ MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT: $289.00 + tax (per 12 month term) (2 visits for up to 2 computers same location/same visit and extended maintenance tasks)

24.08 per month

                        Minimum 12 month contact  agreement continued until cancellation


 4.99 per month extra  

Make ___________________________________________________________________

Model __________________________________________________________________

Computer Names __________________________________________________________

Serial Numbers or Service Tags ________________________________________________

I agree and enter into this “Computer Maintenance Service Agreement” as outlined and listed above. Only  Upgrades on Wheels may cancel this contract at any time and will forfeit any unused portion of my payment. Payment required prior to any maintenance service is performed

Signature ___________________

Date ______









In this agreement the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

"Agreement Period" means the period set out  

 “Site” means the primary place of the customer’s business;

“Maintenance Charges” means the charges specified for the Maintenance Service Agreement to be paid by the Customer for Services;

“Maintenance Services” means preventative maintenance services required to keep the Customers equipment in good working condition  

"Remedial Maintenance Services" means maintenance services requested by the client as specified


This agreement shall commence upon agreement signing and shall remain in force for the period of 12 months and ther after until cancelled.


a. The Maintenance Charges shall cover all services provided in clause 4. However, the Maintenance Charges will not cover the costs of any parts, software, manuals, materials, travel or other disbursements which may be necessary or requested by the customer. The customer will be billed separately for these costs as they occur.

b. Maintenance Charges are payable to the Provider prior to any Maintenance services.

c. The Customer shall pay all other costs within 15 days of receipt of invoice.

d. The Provider shall be entitled to adjust the monthly maintenance charge by giving the Customer 30 days written notice and will take effect when the next maintenance charge is due.

e. No such adjustment will take place within the initial Agreement Period.


a. The Provider agrees to provide the Maintenance Services to the Customer in respect to the Windows based computer equipment on the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.

b. The Provider shall provide preventative maintenance services on Windows based computer equipment during the service hours at intervals necessary to keep the Equipment in good working condition.

c. After the signing of this agreement, in exchange for the payment of the Maintenance Charge, the Provider will perform the maintenance services as outlined in the Maintenance Service Agreement checklist provided or found online at the Provider’s website:

d. All additional work not listed above shall be performed at the Provider’s sole discretion or based on the current Maintenance Service Agreement checklist.

e. Maintenance will commence on a mutually agreed upon date and time,

f. The Provider shall only provide remedial maintenance outside the Service Hours only if requested by the Customer, for which the Customer will pay the service rate for Emergency/Weekend/Holiday Hours as specified on the Provider’s website.


Any additional labor incurred in attempting to recover lost files while the Customer has not maintained proper backup procedures will be charged at the Provider’s charges (normal hours) specified on the Provider’s website. Customer is solely responsible for their data and will not, regardless of circumstances, hold 180 Networks, LLC liable for any data loss. Data loss experienced during any procedure will be restored from Customer backup, if available, to its original location at no charge. At no time during the recovery or maintenance procedures will the Provider be responsible for data loss, downtime, or loss of business.


a. Maintenance Service provided under this agreement does not guarantee un-interrupted operation of the Customer’s computers, peripherals and network related to regular work.

b. The Provider, its directors, officers, employees and/or consultants are not liable for any damage, including loss of business, loss of profits, loss of opportunity or any other indirect or consequential loss of damage whatsoever in connection with the Provider’s performance under this agreement and the Customer hereby indemnifies the Provider in respect of same.

c. The Provider has no responsibility for or liability to correct, validate, bring into compliance or make any other remedy any problem with the programs that is caused in whole, or in part by the improper or inadequate installation of the Customer, or any incompatibility of the Customers environment, hardware or software with the programs.


a. The Provider may terminate this agreement at any time by giving at least 15 days prior written notice to the Customer not earlier than 30 days from the Commencement date.

b. The Customer may terminate this agreement immediately at any time provided that it is responsible for the full amount of all maintenance payments due though the end of the term.